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Those blue skinned creatures call themselves Gri. They have a very social and love-promoting community, electricity in form of dark blood flows through their veins and they live most of the time in caves with dim light. Their wings are mostly to attract partners and lack practicality due to Gri having low stamina, their ability to fly is only for a short duration (which is still an improvement thanks to their bio-mechanical wing support as without they wouldn’t be able to fly at all).

Usually Gri are rather curious and act childlike and only ages half as fast humans, they have a small group of leaders who they call “the Masters”.



Those who praise the sun are technically the most advanced race on Kinotho. They are mostly known by their ability to breath fire, a skill the Earth-Doria lack. They created a sky fortress and are able to use solar energy, their most used material is glass.

Nearly all Doria need a huge amount of personal space and live quite isolated, preferring silent sun bathes or earth-digging adventures.


Dream Familiars

They are born randomly when people sleep and start to dream.

Often, they silently watch over the dreamer and fight off Dream Demons.


Dream Demons

Those monsters are the culprits when someone experiences a nightmare.