Ralf the Rabbit & Fanny the Furious

Ralf’s a black bunny from the Dreamworld. He’s a friendly fellow who loves to heal others with his magical abilities. Ralf has the strange habit to lose his head, as he spent countless time navigating his body to reclaim his lost upper half.

Fanny on the other side can be seen as an aggresive counterpart who attacks other Dream familiars and steals their Alp. Fanny is a seperate being yet they are bound together by a magical mirror.


Cheer up (Ralf only)

Ralf jumps around and tries to motivate his mates to carry on. And it pays off as it restores 1 Special Point to one target ally.

Heal Ally (Ralf only)

Ralf can heal everyone else by using the equal amount of SP. This is the most potent heal and it can increase the HP over the maximum for the duration of the battle.

Bite (Fanny only)

A rabbit’s bite which isn’t that dangerous, as it only deals 2 damage but also restores 1 SP if the enemy is a dream being.

Howling (both)

It costs 2 SP and can be used by both rabbits.

Ralf (black): Increases magical defense for all allies by 2.

Fanny (white): Decreases maical defense for all enemies by 2.

Mirror Image (both)

Ralf and Konrad switch places by jumping through the mirror.

It’s important to learn when to switch places, as only Ralf can heal but needs Fanny to aquire the required Alp from other Dream Familiars or Demons.