Credit goes to Esther-shen

A charmant mole with a tophat and a monocle. He’s a Dream Familiar who is able to use Woy and currently on his mission to hunt Dream Demons.

As a summoner, he is capable of creating and pulling out items from his hat.

Strangely, he also possess a vast knowledge about Donnerwald and its inhabitants.


Whenever Montgomery successfully applies a debuff on an enemy, he gains 1 Alp.

Feed Trinidad

Cost: –

There’s one thing Montgomery definitly loves: Hot chili. He always carries a few with him and can use them to force feed enemies and friends alike.

Enemies: Inflicts OnFire debuff for 5 rounds once the Chili debuff runs out.

Friends: Cures Starvation debuff. Allows Jasmine to use the spit fire skill.

Moley Notes

Cost: –

Montgomery analyzes an enemy, telling information which might come in handy.

Also applies the Revealed debuff which makes astral units like ghosts targetable by physical skills.

Hunter’s Requiem

Cost: 5 Alp

Montgomery summons 3 spirits, which target random enemies and deal 3 damage on impact.