Credit goes to Esther-shen

A charmant mole with a tophat and a monocle. He’s a Dream Familiar who is able to use Woy and currently on his mission to hunt Dream Demons.

As a summoner, he is capable of creating and pulling out items from his hat.

Strangely, he also possess a vast knowledge about Donnerwald and its inhabitants.


Whenever Montgomery successfully applies a debuff on an enemy, he gains 1 Alp.

Hat Throw

Montgomery is capable of utilizing the tophat he stole as a weapon, dealing a small amount of damage to all hit enemies and generating Alp.

Damage: 1

Hits up to 3 enemies

Feed Nightmare Chili

There’s one thing Montgomery definitly loves: Hot chili. He always carries a few with him and can use them to force feed enemies and friends alike.

Enemies: Inflicts OnFire debuff for 5 rounds once the Chili debuff runs out.

Friends: Cures Starvation debuff. Allows Jasmine to use the spit fire skill.

Moley Goggles

Montgomery analyzes an enemy, telling information which might come in handy.

Also applies the Revealed debuff which makes astral units like ghosts targetable by physical skills.

Hunter’s Requiem

Montgomery summons 3 spirits, which target random enemies and deal damage on impact.

Cost: 5 Alp

Damage: 3 (times 3)