Erika Prokuri

Artwork by Esther-Shen

A 16 year old girl, known for her black eyes and sometimes nihilistic mood. And her ability to use Woy powers with destructive force.

While she has her strange sides, she is actually a sweet girl who’s trying to enjoy life with calm activities like painting, playing chess, staring at the sky, collecting herbs and chill in completly dark rooms. Her favourite hobby is brewing potions, especially when she’s experimenting with new intrigents.

She took over the potion shop in Eleno and currently tries to make a potent love potion. That’s because she couldn’t find her first true love yet, even though she tried asking out nearly every boy (and girl) around her age.


Don’t take her lightly because of her fragile look, as this girl actually hits the hardest when she uses her ball & chain or channels her Woy powers by drawing something in mid air.

Shooting Star

The “weakest” of her spells, where she draws a cute little star and shoots it on one of her foes. It does 5 damage in exchange for only 1 Woy point.

Wonder Wall

Draws a big wall in mid air which she then kicks, making it fall upon all her foes. Deals 6 damage to all grounded and floating enemies.

Needle Storm

Sends out 8 needles, each dealing 1 damage to all enemies and causes the bleeding debuff.

Devil Mill

Eleven and one crows fly out of this mill and explode, causing 12 damage to all enemies and each one has a 50% chance to be affected by the scared debuff.

Paper Moon

Draws a black Paper Moon, which she then rides. Her height status changes to flying, which makes her unreachable for most melee attacks.

Love Atom

A skill which she has never used before, as her master Bonjavelin is concered about the amount of Woy it needs to be unleashed.

(Skills use placeholder artworks)