Discovered by the Gri, Woy is the magical manifestation of the carrier’s creativity. It’s taught in a student – master relationship. The masters are called “Spalanzi”, the name of the very first Woy user.

Woy is channeled through a personal artifact which gets summoned at the start of the Woy pact with a Spalanzi. As long as the student isn’t capable of reproducing his own Woy, he needs to borrow it from his Spalanzi.


Alp, named after the word Alptraum (German for nightmare) is a special kind of magic which flows through the Dream World. It’s the cause for the weird and surreal interactions in Dreams, which otherwise would follow the normal rules of physics and be no different from real life.

Each Dream Familiar can use Alp and it’s a special kind of give and take. Familiars are born whenever a person dreams, their traits, powers and drawbacks are unconsciously set by the dreamer.


In a battle, the amount of actions you can do per turn is limited by your Timewheels.

Each character has the basevalue of 1, which means you can perform three actions when your group has exactly three people. They don’t need to share the Timewheels, as all three actions can be performed by the same person, as long as the Stamina allows it.