William Prokuri

Credit goes to Esther-Shen

William is a 23 year old researcher and the current administrator of the Donnerwald region.

At a young age he was already fascinated by Bonjavelin and his abilities, which made him want to learn more about Woy.

During the last three years when he wasn’t busy documenting the progress of his Woy research, he spent his time creating the Dream Machine.

He appears as quite the cool headed gentleman to outsiders, but he has the tendency to value new discoveries over morals.


A strong smack, capable of stunning enemies.

Cost: Up to 2 Stamina

Damage: 2

May stun target for 1 turn.

Throw Stick

Throws the stick, which allows William to hit flying enemies.

Cost: 1 Stamina

Damage: 2

Hits up to 2 enemies.

You need to pick up a new stick after using this skill.

Pickup Stick

Grabs a new stick, allowing William to smack enemies or throw it again.


One of his secret weapons if things look dire. Can be loaded with scrap which will deal a lot of damage.

Cost: 2 Stamina, up to 7.

Damage: 2 per bullet (maximum 5).

Each bullet hits up to 2 enemies. Can deal critical hits (+2 extra damage).