Credit goes to Esther-Shen

A young Gri soldier who is assisting William with the Dream Machine. He’s not fluent in human language yet.

Compared to other Gri, he is rather shy as he doesn’t welcome everyone with open arms, but he still has a strong desire to “meet n greet n date”.


Don’t take her lightly because of her fragile look, as this girl actually hits the hardest when she uses her ball & chain or channels her Woy powers by drawing something in mid air.

Bow Attack

Marx shoots a carefully aimed arrow at his foe. Most enemies receive extra damage if the arrow hits the head.

Cost: 1 Stamina

Damage: 2

Can deal critical hits (+2).


Marx overloads his magnetic blood to stimulate his Woy.

Cost: 1 Stamina

Adds 2 armor upon use.

Applies the black blood effect which channels Woy.


By using his Woy and magnetic blood, he’s capable of summoning a powerful railgun which deals heavy damage to all enemies.

Cost: 1 Stamina, X Woy

Damage: 5 for each used Woy point. Deals 1 if no Woy was used.

Can only be used as long as the Black Blood debuff is present on Marx.