Credits goes to Esther-Shen

Once a highly respected priest serving under the sun-emperor, he is now a heretic who practices Woy magic, being capable of summoning different kinds of explosives.

He became best friends with Jero Prokuri (Erika’s father) when he seeked refuge in Donnerwald and joined the researcher guild. He agreed to contract Erika and now carefully teaches her about the usage of Woy so the guild can study the effects and use. As the Prokuri parents died during the experiment three years ago, he also became the stepfather for the family.

For a Doria, he’s unusally sociable as he doesn’t mind to live together with members of a different race. Yet like most Doria he is still disgusted by the concept of love and gets furious whenever Erika talkes about it.

He also has a twisted sense of humor, loves to challenge William to weird games and mocks Nikita about her job as much as he can (except when they have a sunbath together where they have a truce).