Sir Hennryk

The Zamurian prince once had a nightmare, where he was chased by a dragon and cried to be saved. As it happened, Sir Hennryk manifested in this nightmare and slayed the dragon, cutting it into two pieces with his axe.

Going by the wishes of the crown-prince, Hennryk received the usual traits of a golden knight. He is brave, scared of nothing and swings his axe with anĀ  unusual high strength.

On the other hand, his lunatic desire to slay monsters may end his life faster than he could blink, as he still is only a chicken.

His only real weakness is gold. The prince decided that it saps his strength away, this is to prevent his ideal knight from becoming greedy.

Legendary Axe Hahnibal

The legendary axe that cut through vile Dream Demons like butter. Has one of the best damage to stamina ratios

Cost: 0 Stamina (up to 3)

Damage: 1 (+2 for each invested Stamina point)

Applies Well Feed Buff to Sir Hennryk if at least 1 damage was dealt.

Axe Throw

Sir Hennryk throws his axe, dealing damage to all enemies that were hit.

Cost: 1 Stamina

Damage: 2

Pierces all enemies.


If you thought his axe is dangerous that you never heared him yodel with his full force.

Cost: 2 Stamina

Damage: 1 (3 times)

Each pulse hits one additional enemy.

Demonic Strength

As Sir Hennryk is best described as a Berserker, he uses his wrath to empower his next attacks. Is especially deadly with his Yodeling ability.

Cost: At least 1 Alp

Heals 1 Stamina.

Applies the Buffed Up Buff for X turns, while X is the amount of Alp used.