William Prokuri

Credit goes to Esther-Shen

A 23 year old weapon fanatic who claims to be married to science.

Even at a young age he was already fascinated by Bonjavelin and his Woy abilities, which made him want to research magic and create special weapons which allow anyone to use magic without the need to be a Woy user.

He appears as quite the cool headed gentleman to outsiders, but as he tries to walk into the footsteps of his parents he often experiences feelings of failure as he can’t make a groundbreaking result in his research for weapons and magic.

If someone dares to mock his research or provokes him otherwise, he often locks himself inside the lab to continue working on his so called doomsday weapon for some hours until he cools off. He never comments about it’s progress and fears the day where he manages to finish it.


A strong smack, capable of stunning enemies and dealing up to 2 damage.

Throw Stick

Throws the stick, which allows William to hit flying enemies and distract dogs as they might go chase after the stick.

You need to pick up a new stick after using this skill.

Pickup Stick

Grabs a new stick, allowing William to smack enemies or throw it again.