Credit goes to Esther-shen

A charmant mole with a tophat and a monocle. He’s a Dream Familiar who is able to use Woy and currently on his mission to hunt Dream Demons.

As a summoner, he is capable of creating and pulling out items from his hat.

Strangely, he also possess a vast knowledge about Donnerwald and its inhabitants.


Feed Trinidad

There’s one thing Montgomery definitly loves: Hot chili. He always carries a few with him and can use them to force feed enemies. The victim will start to burn on the following round and take damage over time.

Moley Notes

Montgomery always seems to know something about each character. Feel free to ask about some information how to deal with the current foe.

Magic Trick

As Monty is also a Woy user, he’s capable of summoning items by pulling them out of his hat. Most of the time it’s common items like Bones or Stones which can be thrown by Johanna, but you never know what suprises he has upon his sleeve (or inside his hat in this case).