The Donnerwald Experiment (OLD FRONT PAGE)


  • An interactive combat system with action commands. Aim with your skills, use buffs strategically and evade enemy attacks.
  • Plan your steps ahead and find a cure for the infection known as the Mare Noctem before it consumes Johanna completly.
  • Build and personify your battle machine to fight off Dream Demons. Find a way for “more inspiration” to unlock additional modules.
  • Explore the Donnerwald area, find hidden areas and items to aid you at night when you traverse through the world of nightmares.
  • Many characters, all with their own goals, fears and dreams. You can bond with them if you deem it necessary, maybe it pays off to be nice?
  • Dogs which can be pet.
  • A big plot tree which allows to see the whole story from different angles.

Release date for Chapter 2/5: May 2020

Target platform: PC-Windows (Steam,, GameJolt), planned for Nintendo Switch, more TBA

An endless nightmare awaits Johanna Prokuri

Once she was a brilliant construct artificer who created all kinds of machines and automatons. But three years ago she lost her ability to dream and all her creavity during a nightmare.

Since then, she was trying her best to get back to her old self. Being unable to do what she loved most felt like a hole in her heart.

It all changed one day, when she’s knocked out and has her first dream after a long time. There she meets Montgomery, who claims to be a Dream Demon hunter.

He warns her that she has been “infected” with Mare Noctem by a Dream Demon. The loss of creativity is just one of the symptoms and she’s about to die soon.

But all hope is not lost. Montgomery suspects they may cure Johanna by capturing the Demon who caused her this trouble.

Easier said than done, as those Demons are powerful creatures, responsible for all kinds of nightmares.

To have an edge on this matter, she can use Dream Machine which her brother William built to visit the Dream Worlds of other people. There she’s able to gain new inspiration by finding strange phenomenons and meeting other weird Dream Familiars.

With those newly aquired inspiration, she’s again capable of creating dangerous machines. Her creation can also be upgraded with new types of weapons and other modifications later on.

But it doesn’t take long for her to realize that something about this whole demon hunting story is off. And if she’s not careful in her encounters, it might be her head.

A game about (self) discovery

Explore the surroundings of Donnerwald as well as the strange Dream Worlds in this sidescrolling RPG and discover the truth behind the experiments with the Dream Machine.

You have to decide if you befriend other characters or use them for more power. They may join your cause, or cause deep trouble later.

If you’re getting close to certain people, you may even ask them to dance with you during the awakening festival (be it male or female NPCs).

(Concept Screenshot)

Invent additional gadgets and learn special abilities to find hidden places or warp your surroundings. You can also use them in battles.

But beware, sometimes power comes at a high price.

But don’t lose track about the most important question:

What is just a dream and what is reality?