The Donnerwald Experiment

An endless nightmare awaits Johanna Prokuri

Once she was a brilliant construct artificer, but her creativity has been gone for a long time already. Way too long, as she willingly accepts a pact with a charismatic mole known as Montgomery.

He promises that she will find new inspiration and will soon be capable of creating the most dangerous machines. All she has to do in exchange is to help him hunt Dream Demons when she’s in sleep trance.

Explore the world in this sidescrolling RPG and discover the truth behind the experiment.


-An interactive combat system with action commands.

-Build and personify your battle machine to fight off Dream Demons

-Many quirky characters, all with their own goals, fears and dreams. Bond and dance with them. Or kill them if that’s more to your liking.

-A big plot tree which allows to see the whole story from different angles.

Release date: Planned for Halloween 2020

Target platform: PC (Steam, GameJolt,, GOG), more TBA