The Donnerwald Experiment

The artificer Johanna Prokuri has a big problem!

An inspirational blockade is tormenting her which makes her unable to develop new constructs, her only real joy in life.

One day, a charismatic mole approaches Johanna in her dreams and offers to make a Woy Pact, promising it to be the solution for her problem.
All she has to do in exchange is to help him hunting Dream Demons while she dreams.
Yet further problems spawn ahead as creatures from the Dreamworld suddenly appear in Donnerwald and a gigantic magical barrier imprisons all human inhabitants.

Now it’s up to the unlikely duo to restore order in Donnerwald before a heinous experiment makes it all descend into chaos.

Explore the world in this sidescrolling RPG and discover the truth behind the experiment.


-An interactive combat system with action commands.

-Develop and deploy useful constructs in battle.

-Many quirky characters, all with their own goals, fears and dreams.

-A big plot tree which allows to see the whole story from different angles.

Release date: Planned for Halloween 2019

Target platform: PC (Steam, GameJolt, GOG), more TBA