The Donnerwald Experiment – Dev Diary#2

Last time we spoke about our main characters, how they changed over time and the main gameplay mechanics.

For today, I have a very special diary which are TDE’s connections to Sanatory Hallways.

Dreams and Demons

Back when we made the first story draft for TDE, the enemies were roaming robots.
As they have no emotions, it is better for the player because they did not need to feel guilty for tearing them apart into pieces.

When the plot changed, new enemies were needed.

My decision fell on Dream Demons, shadowy creatures from the realm of nightmares.

Back in Sanatory Hallways, those were just minor NPCs which Mr. Spook could use as a trap to harm Charla. But in TDE, they are now the main foes.

Shifting to Demons allowed me to design actual antagonists with a personality and goal. You probably know them already, but let me once again introduce the four Dream Demon Generals.

According to Montgomery, those four are responsible for infecting Johanna with the deadly disease. Can you manage to defeat all of them?
  • The elegant succubus Alentura (who also left some traces in SH) has the abilty to turn into any object or person. She loves to scare her victims indirectly.
  • Nimarus, the crimson-hat walrus is capable of changing size as will. He has an ongoing feud with Alentura, as her so called indirect scares are in his eyes inefficient.
  • Gastfenger is the creepy man who wields oversized scissors. He collects thumbs of his victims and always finds a way into the room where his victims are hiding.
  • Last but not least is Coppelius, who’s currently the leader of the Generals. He’s responsible for slow and painful deaths in dreams, but also loves to chase and murder his victims if they decide to run away.

Ghost and Bunny

Mr.Spook, the blue blobby ghost was one of the first fully implemented enemies in TDE. While he can be classified as a Dream Demon due to his scary nature, it’s actually a bit more complicated. His main purpose is to frighten humans until they suddenly wake up.

Ralf the Rabbit also returns. He’s introduced as a friendly Dream Familiar, similar to Montgomery. Like in SH, he has the ability to heal his comerades. With him comes the alter ego Konrad The Killer, with whom he’s chained together in a mirror.

Dreamer and Catcher

One problem with re-implementing characters from SH was Charla Frank, the protagonist. Her backstory, being a 20 year old Austrian student could conflict with the fantasy world setting of TDE.

Instead of being left out, she now plays a very special role in Donnerwald. All I can say about her situation is that she’s still the same character which could be controlled in SH.

And last, there’s Annathasia von Kaltstein. She’s a woman who lives in a mansion somwhere in the Dream World.

She was planned to be added to SH in an update, but only the artwork could make it in form of a hidden easter egg. Sadly I can’t talk more about her inclusion to TDE here, as her plot relevance should instead be uncovered by the player ingame.

This concludes the short diary about the links between Sanatory Hallways and The Donnerwald Experiment.

Last time I promised to talk more about the overworld mechanics, I’ll do that in Dev Diary#3.

See you next time!

-Wegenbartho, 2019