Hey everyone, as you may have noticed the last update is now 5 days old. After the initial spurt, I decided to update in a more irregular cycle, but at least once per week.

Don’t worry, I’m still working as much as possible on TDE, currently with around 5 hours per day.

… black fairies?

I made a terrible mistake. I opened the window for this “creature” which claimed to be a fairy, now it’s running around and slaughtering innocent people.

There won’t be any updates this weekend as I have to protect the remaining survivors here.

… Ghosts …


Hi guys, I’m Jasmine.  I was told the old news poster “vanished” and thus they asked me to take over, in exchange I get one warm meal per day. But nobody told me it can be such a scary  job.

.҉̧́.̕.͡͡ w̷̡hé̡r̡͡e i̷͢͜s̶ ̛Ćh̨͟͡à͢r̷l̛̕a͘͜ ̛͘.̧..̡͏

Double Update Power

Hey everyone, I planned to upload the update earlier, but this mean Doria has stolen my Woy Artifact and forced me to write an article about her, so I had to make two updates.

Anyway, here we have the Wuselwiese, one of the many places in Donnerwald.

And here is Nikita, a dangerous Sun-Doria.